Well hello, we meet at last!


My first obsession wasn’t always about hair and the people showcasing it. I was that little girl who dreamed about horses, pretended to be a horse, learned how to french braid on my pony's tail and obsessively created my own renditions of the beautiful creature on paper. This love is what uncovered my natural talent for fine arts, specifically oil painting. Growing up an artist, I knew, one day, I would make my way into the world using my creativity and my love for color and transforming a simple canvas into beautiful works of art.

My one day came... In 2003, I became a licensed cosmetologist and I began the journey of perfecting my hairstyling skills. I started working behind the chair, picking up new techniques and further master my new obsession through ongoing education and by always treating each request as a new adventure in color or form.

I'm here to artfully transform your hair into the hair of your dreams. So, have a seat and feel confident that you can let go, relax and enjoy some time pampering yourself. My goal for every person who sits in my chair is to have hair that is healthy, trendy and full of life.

These four are my life.

Meet Brandon, 19, Daisy, 5, Greyson and Preston, 3. My husband and I are raising these beautiful people here in Santa Rosa, California. We love to go camping, hang out under the redwoods in Armstrong Woods or breathing in the sea air and digging in the sand out at Bodega Bay.

I come from a long line of ‘alternative’ thinking women. Sonoma County is a perfect balance of the modern urban culture and the crunchy, out of the box thinking culture. Being able to immerse myself and family in all the nature surrounding us is how we stay grounded and how we recharge. I love organic… well… everything!


Creativity feeds my soul

Imagine warm salty air, an easel, canvas and paints perched above the Mediterranean Sea. To one side is a small wooden table with figs, goat cheese, some crusty bread and a bottle of red wine. In the distance is the sound of music and laughter. This describes one of my heart’s biggest desires. It could even be in a studio in my backyard. No matter where I go, I love to create beautiful works of art that bring joy to the people looking at them. And luckily for me, I fell into the beauty industry. Part of my satisfaction is seeing your joy when you look at your reflection and your eyes sparkle and your smile lights your face because you are happy. Happy with how you look and happy with the person you are.